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These prices for size 20-30cm.
long (or start from 6 leaves-3nodes)
,all are rooted plants
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EPC-831 Hoya-sp-IPPS7021-IML1198 Hoya sp. (IML-1198, IPPS-7021, aff.clemensiorum)
EPC-685 Hoya sp. DMC-5459 IML-1256 Estrella waterfall Hoya sp. (IML-1256, DMC-5459, Estrella waterfall)
EPC-428 Hoya sp IML-1348 aff vitellina Hoya sp. (IML-1348, aff.vitellina)
EPC-576 Hoya IML-1438 Hoya sp. (IML-1438, Hardsompand)
EPC-832 IML-1508 Hoya sp. Hoya sp. (IML-1508, beautiful splash leaves)
EPC-471 Hoya sp. (IML 1598) India Hoya sp. (IML-1598, India)

EPC-495 Hoya sp. (IR-26) Hoya sp. (IR-26)
EPC-934 Hoya sp Kast Hoya sp. (Kast)
EPC-260 Hoya unknown global leafs Hoya sp. (like H.meledithii but
nice round leaves)
EPC-910 Hoya sp. (Limbang)
EPC-733 Hoya sp. Mini kentiana Hoya sp. (Mini-kentiana)
EPC-958 Hoya sp. (Moyog, Sabah,
very beautiful full silver splash leaves)
EPC-827 Hoya cv rung Hoya sp. (mutant from seedling, rare unsymetry leaves)
EPC-376 Hoya sp. Dat4 Hoya sp. (Nakornrachasrima, Thailand, sold as Hoya sp.LP-4)
EPC-209 Hoya unknown NRT1 Hoya sp. (Narathiwat, Thailand, Very big and beautiful leaves with big yellow flowers)
EPC-295 Hoya grabra Hoya sp. (NKPT-BP)
EPC-834 Hoya sp. NS-00-004 Hoya sp. (NS-00-004, unsymetry leaves)
EPC-500 Hoya sp. (NS 05-055) Hoya sp. (NS-05-055)

EPC-912 Hoya sp UT-001.jpg

Hoya sp. (N5-05-240)


EPC-868 Hoya sp ovalau Island Hoya sp. (Ovalau,Island)
EPC-651 Hoya sp. Pahang Hoya sp. (Pahang)
EPC-663 Hoya sp. perakensis Hoya sp.(Perak, aff.perakensis , Sumatra, Yellow flowers with big corona)

EPC-319 Hoya sp. (PG-04, very small, v-shaped leaves)
EPC-869 Hoya sp. Hoya sp. (Philippines, long leaves)
EPC-779 Hoya sp. (Phukwai, Lao, should be a member in pottsii complex, Big splash leaves)

EPC-667 Hoya sp. (PNG SV-432) Hoya sp. (PNG SV-432)
EPC-668 Hoya sp. (PNG SV-436) Hoya sp. (PNG SV-436)

EPC-719 Hoya sp. (PNG SV-443) Hoya sp. (PNG SV-443)
EPC-233 EPC-233 Hoya sp. (RB5)
EPC-960   Hoya sp. (Sabah, dragonfly lkeaves)
EPC-879 Hoya sp. (Sabah, Sabah-beauty)
EPC-335 Hoya-EPC-335 Hoya sp. (Saraburi, Thailand, long & narrow leaves)
EPC-895 Hoya sp UT-001.jpg Hoya sp. (Sarawak, pink flower)

EPC-896 Hoya sp UT-001.jpg Hoya sp. (Sarawak, Yellow flower )
EPC-833 Hoya sp. (aff. acuta, small peduncle)
EPC-966 Hoya sp. (SR-2009-003, Perak)
EPC-892 Hoya sp UT-001.jpg Hoya sp. (SR-2009-005, Malaysia, splash leaves)

EPC-620 rare hoya EPC-620 Hoya sp.
(Thick leaves with pure white flowers, EPC-620)

EPC-936 Hoya sp Vietnam Hoya sp. (Vietnam, probably a new specie related to section Hoya of the genus)
EPC-183 Hoya unknown /Vietnam Hoya sp. (Vietnam,Big heart shape leaves)

Hoya pages ; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
<<< Hoya spp. (Page 7) >>>

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