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These prices for size 20-30cm.
long (or start from 6 leaves-3nodes)
,all are rooted plants
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EPC-487 Hoya sp. 981013 Padan Beach Hoya sp. (981013, Padan Beach)

EPC-498 Hoya sp. NG Biakensis Hoya sp. (aff.Biakensis, Biak)
EPC-673 Hoya sp. aff.clemensiorum IML-1020 Sumatra Hoya sp. (aff.clemensiorum, IML-1020 Sumatra)
EPC-783 erythrina Narathiwat Hoya sp. (aff.erythrina, Bajo, South Thailand
EPC-858 Hoya sp. aff.macrophylla Hoya sp. (aff.macrophylla, white flowers)
EPC-351   Hoya sp. (aff.parasitica, dark long leaves with white spot, Lao)
EPC-184 Hoya unknown /Amnajcharern Hoya sp. (Amnargcharern, Thailand, longer leaves, White corona with red center)
    Hoya sp. (aff.celata, pink dragon)
EPC-301 Hoya-unknown-EPC-301.jpg Hoya sp. (Black leaves, Prachinburi, Thailand)

EPC-548 Hoya sp. Bogor

Hoya sp. (Bogor)

EPC-953 Hoya sp.EPC-953 Hoya sp. (Borneo, beautiful round leaves)
EPC-954 Hoya sp. (Borneo, long leaves)
EPC-517 Hoya sp. Cebu Hoya sp. (Cebu)
EPC-764 Hoya-sp-chickenfarm-splash Hoya sp. (chicken farm, selected clone with high splash leaves )

EPC-749 Hoya sp. Dianel Hoya sp. (Dianel, LSH-07-001)
EPC-653 Hoya sp. DML-5655B IML-1398 Hoya sp. (DML-5655B, IML-1398)

EPC-538 Hoya sp DS-70 variegated Hoya sp. (DS-70, variegated)

EPC-198 Hoya unknown /RB - carn Hoya sp. (DT-1, Cheingmai, dark thick leaves is covered by metalic shade)
EPC-194 Hoya unknown RB3 Hoya sp. (DT-2, Cheingmai, Big leaves, White flower)
EPC-492 Hoya sp. (EG-00897)
EPC-469 Hoya sp ETS-10 Hoya sp. (ETS-10, full splash leaves, )
EPC-494 Hoya sp. (GPS-10068) Davau Phil E.W.F Hoya sp. (GPS-10068, Davau Phil E.W.F)

EPC-823 Hoya sp 97002 Hoya sp. (GPS-10073, 97002, pink flowers)
EPC-686 Hoya sp. GPS-7240 Hoya sp. (GPS-7240)
EPC-822 Hoya sp.GPS-7724 Hoya sp. (GPS-7724, beautiful red shooted leaves)
EPC-656 Hoya sp. GPS-7731 Hoya sp. (GPS-7731)
EPC-687 Hoya sp. GPS-7950 Hoya sp. (GPS-7950, Sabah, Beautiful leaves and unique flowers)
EPC-825 Hoya sp. GPS-8897 Hoya sp. (GPS-8897, beautiful leaves, red mid-vein on the back)
EPC-475 Hoya sp. Gunung-Gaiding Hoya sp. (Gunung-Gaiding,
very beautiful, tri-color leaves)

Hoya pages ; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
<<< Hoya spp. (Page 6) >>>

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