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These prices for size 20-30cm.
long (or start from 6 leaves-3nodes)
,all are rooted plants
Hoya pages ; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Hoya pages ; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
EPC-507 Hoya oblongata Hoya oblongata

EPC-276 Hoya obscura pink Hoya obscura

EPC-829 Hoya obovata-splash Hoya obovata (splash)

EPC-450 Hoya obovata variegata Hoya obovata (variegata)

EPC-672 Hoya obtusifolia
EPC-944 Hoya obtusifolioides Hoya obtusifolioides
EPC-433 Hoya odettiae Hoya odettiae (IML-1316, red under corona lobe)

EPC-133 Hoya odorata "White" Hoya odorata(small yellow corona)

EPC-135 Hoya onychoides "Giant flower" Hoya onychoides (Giant flowers)

EPC-138 Hoya pachyclada "RED" Hoya pachyclada (red corona)

EPC-803 Hoya pachyclada pink Hoya pachyclada (pink flowers , white contrast veins on leaves)
EPC-816 Hoya pachyclada "White" Hoya pachyclada (beautiful white costa vein
leaves and full white flower)

EPC-741 Hoya pachyclada variegated Hoya pachyclada (variegated)

EPC-407 Hoya padangensis Hoya padangensis(IML-0421)
EPC-281 Hoya pallilimba Hoya pallilimba

EPC-409 Hoya panchoi (IML-0249, Dark red flowers with yellow corona)

EPC-341 Hoya sp. Hoya aff.parviflora (KPS) Hoya parviflora (Fully splash leaves)

EPC-768 Hoya-paviflora-Pangnga Hoya parviflora (narrow green leaves, yellow corona)

EPC-530 Hoya patella

Hoya patella

EPC-150 Hoya paziae Hoya paziae

EPC-151 Hoya pentaphlebia Hoya pentaphlebia

EPC-888 Hoya sp. Philippines 4 Hoya phuwuaensis (Phu Wua, Thailand)
EPC-452 Hoya polystachya Hoya polystachya

EPC-765 Hoya-aff-macrophylla-yellow
Hoya polystachya (IML-1043, yellow flowers, beautiful big leaves)
EPC-348 Hoya pottsii "Kuranda" (IML-0039) Hoya pottsii (Kuranda, IML-0039)

EPC-287 Hoya praetorii Hoya praetorii
EPC-154 Hoya pseudolittoralis
EPC-152 Hoya picta Hoya pubera

EPC-283 Hoya pubicalyx, Royal purple hawii Hoya pubicalyx (Royal-Hawaiian Purple)

EPC-157 Hoya pubicalyx Silver Hoya pubicalyx (Silver spread Leaves)
EPC-002 Hoya aff. pubifera Hoya pubifera

EPC-310 Hoya purpureofusca

Hoya purpureofusca

EPC-224 Hoya quinquinervia Hoya quinquinervia
EPC-158 Hoya retusa Hoya retusa

EPC-284 Hoya unknown EPC-284 Hoya revolubilis (sold as aff.kunming kina, long leaves with wax, Northeast of Thailand)
EPC-605 Hoya aff rigida pink Hoya rigida (Pink flowers with rare very long calyx, Krabi, Thailand.)

EPC-211 Hoya unknown /Prachinburee Hoya rigida (Big green flowers)

EPC-603 Hoya aff.rigida orange flowers Hoya rigida (orange flowers)
EPC-763 Hoya sp. aff. regida Hoya rigida (beautiful veined leaves Giant size, Nakornsritammarat, Thailand.)
EPC-950 Epc-950 Hoya rintzii (aff.rintzii, SR-..., Borneo)
EPC-722 Hoya rintzii Hoya rintzii (SR-2009-xxx, White corona Splash round leaves)
EPC-754 Hoya rintzii Hoya rintzii (SR-2009-xxx, Red center corona)

EPC-675 Hoya rosarioae Hoya rosarioae
EPC-190 Hoya unknown MHS Hoya rostellata (Maehongsorn1, Thailand)

EPC-231 Hoya rostellata (Maehongsorn2, Thailand)

EPC-195 Hoya lyi	Hoya rotundiflora (sp.Square )

EPC-282 Hoya rubida (IML-1725) Hoya rubida (IML-1725)

EPC-427 Hoya sp. (IML-0557) Sabah Hoya rundumensis (IML-0557, Sabah)

EPC-161 Hoya ruscifolia (pink)	Hoya ruscifolia

EPC-849 Hoya ruthiae (sp. UT-168)
<<< Hoya spp. (Page 4) >>>

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