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These prices for size 20-30cm.
long (or start from 6 leaves-3nodes)
,all are rooted plants
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EPC-242 Hoya juanguiana Hoya juannguoana
EPC-091 Hoya kanyakumariana Hoya kanyakumariana

EPC-093 Hoya kenejiana "yellow "	Hoya kenejiana (yellow flower)
EPC-349 Hoya kenejiana albomarginata Hoya kenejiana (albomarginata)
EPC-094 Hoya kenejiana variegata	Hoya kenejiana (variegated)
EPC-095 Hoya kentiana Hoya kentiana

EPC-814 Hoya kentiana Hoya kentiana (Variegated)

EPC-361 Hoya kerrii curve Hoya kerrii (rare revolute margin)
EPC-096 Hoya kerrii Hoya kerrii
EPC-100 Hoya kerrii ´Permanent Yellow´ Hoya kerrii (Permanent Yellow, etiolated tissue not trun back to green color)
EPC-097 Hoya kerrii "spread leaf"	Hoya kerrii (spot leaf)
EPC-102 Hoya kerrii "spot center" Hoya kerrii (spot center)

EPC-101 Hoya kerrii "spot margin" Hoya kerrii (spot margin)

EPC-098 Hoya kerrii var.albo Hoya kerrii (albomarginata)
EPC-559 Hoya kerrii hairy Hoya kerrii (pubescent-hairy leaves)

EPC-099 Hoya kerrii ´Variegata´ Hoya kerrii (Variegata, beautiful yellow valiagated leaves but yellow color will reform to green when the leaves become older but, EPC-100, will be permanent yellow variegated)
EPC-771   Hoya kerrii (beautiful veins)

EPC-943 Hoya khoniana black leaves Hoya khoniana (Black leaves)

EPC-595 Hoya lacunosa snow heart variegated Hoya (Eskimo, mutant from H.khoniana, Stable splash leaves!)

EPC-789 Hoya khoniana Hoya (Super Eskimo, Best selection, Full siver leaves)
EPC-533 Hoya kloppenburgii Hoya kloppenburgii

EPC-688 Hoya lacunosa Mr.Tent Hoya lacunosa (Mr.Tent, narrow long leaves)
EPC-432 Hoya-lacunosa-snowcap Hoya lacunosa (snow caps)
EPC-329 Hoya-lacunosa-TTwf.jpg Hoya lacunosa (big and very long leaves, PTBR-KKJnp-TTwf)
EPC-103 Hoya lacunosa, big leaf Hoya lacunosa (IML-1818, 2xbigger flowers)
EPC-523 Hoya aff lacunosa Perangin Hoya lacunosa (Perangin Durian, smallest leaves from our collection with fully splash, Wf., Langkawi)
EPC-920 Hoya lacunosa red leaves Hoya lacunosa (Full splash red leaves, Laos)
EPC-360 Hoya lambii Hoya lambii
EPC-92 Hoya kenejiana " red" Hoya lamingtoniae (PNG-4)
EPC-254 Hoya lasiantha Hoya lasiantha
EPC-109 Hoya latifolia Hoya latifolia
(one of the biggest leaves of the genus)

EPC-648 Hoya leuterbachii Hoya leuterbachii
EPC-124 Hoya multiflora /MD Hoya lii (sold as H. multiflora, Thailand)
EPC-244 Hoya limoniaca Hoya limoniaca
EPC-650 Hoya lithophytica (sp. Umpang) Hoya lithophytica
EPC-331 Hoya lobii narrow leaves Hoya lobbii (narrow and long leaves with red flowers)
EPC-111 Hoya lobbii (Dark Red)	Hoya lobbii (dark red, black flowers)
EPC-885 Hoya sp UT-001.jpg

Hoya lockii

EPC-114 Hoya loherii Hoya loherii
EPC-712 Hoya-lucardenasiana Hoya lucardenasiana
EPC-939 Hoya lyi Hoya lyi
EPC-734   Hoya macgillivrayi (Pink)
EPC-735   Hoya macgillivrayi (Red)
EPC-460 Hoya macgregorii (GPS-1007) Hoya macgregorii (GPS-1007)

EPC-853 Hoya macrophylla 'snowqueen' Hoya macrophylla (snowqueen, silver splash)
EPC-116 Hoya-macrophylla-albo-variegate Hoya macrophylla (albomarginata)

EPC-622 Hoya macrophylla variegated Hoya macrophylla (variegata)

EPC-886 Hoya sp UT-001.jpg Hoya mappigera (peninsular, pink corona, Malaysia)

EPC-914 Hoya sp UT-001.jpg Hoya mappigera (Sabah, yellow corona)

EPC-777 Hoya manipurensis big leaves Hoya manipurensis (orange flowers)

EPC-419 Hoya-marginata Hoya marginata (IML-1727)
EPC-598 Hoya imbricata, (aff.imbricata) giant green leaves, big yellow flowers Hoya maxima (giant leaves, big flowers with yellow corona)

EPC-216 Hoya-imbricata-hoya imbricata EPC-216-S.jpg Hoya maxima (UT-077, giant leaves, big flowers with red corona)

EPC-793 Hoya maxima UT-079 Hoya maxima (UT-079, Dark green leaves big yellow flowers)
EPC-117 Hoya megalaster "dark red"	Hoya megalaster (Big beautiful leaves
with dark red flowers)

EPC-339 Hoya meledithii Hoya meledithii (very big beautiful leaves! Pure yellow flower!)

EPC-340 Hoya meledithii Hoya meredithii aff.meredithii, long leaves)
EPC-118 Hoya meliflua var. ssp. Fraterna Hoya meliflua

EPC-511 Hoya merillii

Hoya merillii

EPC-159 Hoya revoluta Hoya micrantha (Long leaves with orange flowers)
EPC-123 Hoya micrantha 'Pracheneburee'	Hoya micrantha (PCBR, small ovated leaves with small white flowers )

EPC-387 Hoya minahassae Hoya minahassae

EPC-120 Hoya mindorensis Hoya mindorensis (Red flowers)

EPC-654 Hoya mindorensis (Pinkish orange flowers)

EPC-794 Hoya mindorensis-full-yellow Hoya mindorensis (full yellow flowers)
EPC-272 hoya mindorensis yellow Hoya mindorensis (yellow flowers with red center corona)

EPC-293 Hoya unknown YKL Hoya mirabilis (SR-2008-002, small leaves with fully splash)

EPC-715 Hoya monetteae (UT-151)
EPC-248 Hoya motoskei	Hoya motoskei

EPC-274 Hoya javanica milky way Hoya multiflora (Milky way,a splash selected clone)

EPC-222 Hoya myrmecopa Hoya myrmecopa
  Hoya nabawaensis Hoya nabawanensis
EPC-935 Hoya sp Moyog Sabah Hoya nabawanensis (Moyog River, sabah, Stable splash leaves)
EPC-125 Hoya naumanii Hoya naumanii
EPC-273 Hoya-neo-ebudica Hoya neoebudica
EPC-418 Hoya nervosa (IML-1818) Hoya nervosa (IML-1818)
EPC-126 Hoya nicholsoniae Hoya nicholsoniae
EPC-798 Hoya nummuralioides Hoya nummularoides (curve leaves)
EPC-670 Hoya nummularioides --dark pink collona and bigger leaves Hoya nummularioides (dark pink collona and bigger leaves)
EPC-671 Hoya nummularioides yellow Hoya nummularoides (light Yellow Corona small leaves)

EPC-797 Hoya nummurarioides Hoya nummularoides (spoon leaves, light pink corona)

Hoya pages ; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
<<< Hoya spp. (Page 3) >>>

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